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Taking the Time 2 See

Taking the Time 2 See showcases the beauty of the natural world around us through images of wildlife, natural landscapes and interactions between humans and nature.

The aim of sharing these images is to promote an appreciation for the beauty of nature that we can often overlook in our busy lives. When we slow down and take time to see and appreciate the natural world around us we can gain a new appreciation for the beauty within it. 

All of the images showcased on Taking the Time 2 See are taken by Matthew Miller. Matthew grew up in Kitchener, Ontario and has lived, worked and studied in Southern and Northern Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut. Matthew is now located in Hay River, Northwest Territories and many of his images reflect the abundant natural splendor that Northern and Western Canada have to offer.

Enjoy these images and the stories behind them and please don't hesitate to contact Matthew with any questions regarding his work, purchasing pieces and/or future projects.

There is always natural beauty around us; sometimes we just have to take the time to see it.​


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